Life for the Boys 2004-2006

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2004. We bought 8 Media Luna, Calle Benirrama in March 2004, but our first stay out here was in November that year, crossing from Plymouth to Santander with Brittany Ferries and Toad loaded to the gunnels - hardly room for us two small Teds!. The Madre was despatched to JSBSC to learn to play Bridge - though originally just to find a few folk from Moraira who might play social bridge with her once a week!.

We had a nunber of long weekends to various parts of Spain. A few days in Cuenca, known for its "hanging houses".

2005.. The first snow seen in Moraira for many years fell at the end on January and the motorway yo Alicante was closed for half a day. Immediately following this, their granny, Joan Lyons, came out on Jan 30th to celebrate her 90th birthday on 10/2/2005. Margaret kindly brought her out, staying for just a few days, and Hazel, Ed, Alice & Adam came out the following week and took her back. We celebrated her actual birthday with a lunch at Caso Canto, and also had a lunch down at Surly Man's on the Saturday they flew back. We returned to continue running the hotel in early March - still snow on the roads driving up to Santander

toad-snow .90-birth1 .90birth2

Another busy summer at Corisande


One of their friends on Corisande balcony

Back to Moraira probably mid-late October .

More trips to parts of Spain.

2006. Had to fly back several times to Northampton to see Mum, the last visit with her in hospital; she died soon after my return on 6/2/2006. So another trip back for the funeral and sort things out at Boughton. .

Then we returned to Cornwall in March, via Salamanca, Ribeiro, Santiago & Cuchero and then wandering along the Galicean coast to Santander..

Lots of swims for the madre in the Gannel during the summer months running Corisande.

Once back in Spain in October, the padre cycled from Sevilla to Santiago, the lads following in Toad. Superb hotels, especially the Castillo de Buen Amor

cycle-postcard. buen-amor

In November we flew back to grace the Minster Lovell wedding of nephew Jamie Rainsbury to Kathy and a lavish reception at nearby Eynsham Hall, with nephew Christopher Grant providing an impressive firework display.

A weekend in Jativa ended with icy roads and needing to descend to safer climes. Aso a few days in Cuenca, known for its "hanging houses".

Life in 2007.