Travels of Pembroke & Somerville 2008

These included a Spanish Course in the Pyrennees, Monaco, Essex, Wales, Oxford- just for Pembroke, a Multivarian Reunion, Rioja and the Douro, not to mention a six week long trip from one side of Australia to the other, camping too!!

The year started with a trip down to Nerja to see Gaynor and Vic. . Spanish in the Pyrenees started with 5 days in Getaria, with lots of chat over meals and long walks too, then a move to the very scenic Baztan Valley, staying in Elzondo. Teachers Delfina and Georgina did wonders for the padres' Spanish.

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In June they headed to Perth, Australia. Hired a Britz 4*4 camper van and motored 13441 kms, via Broome, Gibb River Road, Bungles, Tamanai track, Alice Springs, Ayers Rock, Katherine to Cairns. Read all about this on This appears to be Chris's narration presented by David .


The lads sat on the dashboard every day for the whole trip- can just make them out in the photo below! , with the result that their jerseys faded terribly- the madre did knit them new ones, but it took her about 2 years actually to embroider their names on these!!. Not many photos of them, probably were too busy taking photos for their padres. Acquired new friends with the Joeys


britz-van boys-aus Bonds-river ayers

July saw them watching the Monaco Grand prix in the rain, stying 3 days in Nice, on their annual visit back to England. There they had to endure 4 days in Chelmsford - a lot of those Turner antepasados in the Essex Record Office there!- and another 3 in more scenic Wales retracing the lives of the Pugh antepasados.

Tim & Daphne visited them in Cornwall before the family decamped to Moraira. There the padres had their first and last joint cycling holiday- to Rioja and the Duero regions of Spain & Portugal. The boys enjoyed their large hotel room at Casa de Viscvonde de Chanceleros, with wondrous views over the Douro. But unfortunately the madre fell off her bike, broke her wrist and was not much use to them for the rest of the year!. But the padre still got her to Spanish classes, along to the Bridge Club for her to give lessons!, and down to Moraira for lots of meals .

boys-douro broken-wrist mor2008
  mercedes boys val2008

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They also got taken to Canar, where- wondrous event! - it snowed, had a couple of days in Grenada and finally Christmas in Valencia 2 photos above

canar-toad .granada-teds .

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