Visit to England - September 2014.

This was the first time the 'new' lads had been back to England since they had been liberated from there in January. They travelled to Gatwick stuffed in to pockets on father's chaqueta- how to cheat on Easy Jet!-, found a nice flat in Earls Court and mainly stayed in it for the week. Just one trip out to see Marie Christine and Martin who their predecesors had go to know so well in yurts in Uzbekistan in 2012.

boys-temp boys-wendy mar-chris

After this restful week they then had a busy life. First 2 days with Daphne & Tim in their home teaming with bears near Bath. Then a night with Di & Tony in Stratford

daphne1 daphne2 daphne3 di-tony

Then on to Oxford, where their parents were back for a 50 year on reunion. They found a good home in the Vanbrugh Hotel, where thay were soon joined by another friend, Graduate Bear, and then proceeded on individual adventures. Somerville enjoyed the festivities in Somerville College, Pembroke those in Pembroke College, Graduate celebrated his 'liberation' in the Cherwell Boat House, and Somerville & Pembroke together visited Stephen, travelling on the front seat of a double decker to Abingdon!

graduate som-entrance som-liz som-gill
pem-coll hall-pem cher-grad stephen

Quite exhausted by the time they got back home, just had sufficient energy to introduce Graduate to the lads, and then into bed to recuperate in time for their next voyage to the South Seas on October 9th

Life in 2014