Life of our new boys 2014

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As stated in Life in 2013 our beloved Somerville College Bear and Pembroke Castle Bear met a sad end outside Barcelona Airport on January 12th 2014. But their spirits live on .

Their demise left a sad hole in their parents' lives and all their mates in Media Luna were similarly devasted.. But 2 new lives then started- those of the new ositos, Pembroke College Bear and Somerville Bear- each with slightly different full names! -, provenance Oxford University Shop. . They soon settled down comfortably in Media Luna, after losing their way here and having to be picked up from Correos in Moraira!

boys1 .boys2 .boys3 .camera-shot

And they are going to ensure that they get their photos taken on a regular basis! Tried taking one themselves, but it came out a tad skewed! Note the paintings of their colleges above the bed

They ventured out onto the balcony to practice a few photo poses

mum-boyz .fascetious .mum-boys2

After a quick lesson in spanish with Mercedes, their first sortie from Moraira was a couple of nights at Mike's and June's in Canar, close to the White Villages of the Alpujarras, quickly followed by a few days in Malta, where they got to know Douglas Dallas Dhu but forgot to take their new camera! - to replace the one stolen along with their predecessors


Then in March they ventured to Miami, enjoying a 'free' Caribbean cruise, courtesy of Park West Art company. They bought some nice paintings by David Nadar and David Lebo, enjoyed the food and the cocktails, celebrated their mother's birthday and brought back 2 new friends, Marteen & Miami.


April saw 2 more fellows joining them: Bill and Ben were given to us by Anne after the boyzz and Miami had had lunch with her and Graham in Ca Pepe. Meanwhile Oz had sampled lunch at the Michelin starred Bon Amb. .

ca-pepe .bon-amb-oz

At the end of April they set off for almost 4 weeks to Bolivia, Chile and Argentina- that was fun!


Once back they entertained Jane & Ed for supper after a bridge match - won- against the Valles club

. jane2

Somehow forgot to get themselves tickets for the Bridge Club Party the following week, but have noted it down in their diary for 2015!

Joanna came out to meet them on June 21st: this was another good opportunity to snap a few photos

jo4 jo7 jo9 jo8

They went down to Moraira to enjoy a paella at DGust and found they could buy red roses and take over the train

jo1 jo2 jo3 jo6 jo5

Really enjoyed that paella, served by Victor, our long time Columbian friend

Also enjoyed a lunch with Maria after 'Bridge on the beach' in Javea and then an outing to see Gergana at Ca Pepe

Joanna having departed, David immediately set to work with creosote and emulsion to smarten up the urbanization. They just watched from the pool

boys-june4 boys-june1 new-wood boys-june3 boys-june2

No sooner than this work was done, they were off to Malta for the first 10 days of July. Their first photo take was with Joanne, our downstairs neighbour. Then on to lunch at the Palacio Paraiso in Naxxar, riding in a black cab!

malta-4 malta-par1 malta-9    

At the start of August they explored a bit in Spain and had 3 nights with long standing friends Vic & Gaynor in France . They stopped enroute at Medinaceli and in Bilbao: they actually preferred the floral dog to the architecture of the Guggenheim museum there. Then on the way back they stayed in Zarraton in Rioja- my, they enjoyed that Marques de Riscal wine and quite liked the architecture of its hotel

medinaceli bilbao1 bilbao2 guggen zarraton
guggen-dog riscal-hotel vic2 vic1 vic3

In September they set off to England for 2 weeks - the parents were clocking up the years


Then off to the South Seas in October


And finally to Malta for Christmas & New Year, Santa bringing them a few new friends.