Travels of the Boyzz 2016

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Returning from Paraguay early January 2016 we settled down to our Spanish Routine - just jumping!. Cousins John & Meryl were staying in Denia and came and saw us, but somehow our photo was not taken!


Then in early February we flew out to Cambodia and Laos


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In April we went to Malta, staying again at Mas Duc near Girona en route

mas-duc .flying-malta . hazel-ed

Late May saw us flying off to Amsterdam to try a River Cruise from Amsterdam to Bucharest


Then in July Joanna came to see us for 5 days. She did a head count whilst she was here- and there are 105 of us here, including our cousins like pinguinos, doggies, kittens....


August saw us on our annual trip to Gaynor's & Vic's with interesting stops en route and then a trip to Ireland, to get our Iranian visas! and visit the madre's roots

And, wait for this!, in September we set forth for a whole seven weeks along the Silk Road, Beijing to Istanbul . And we got given mugs to prove we'd lasted the course!



Christmas approaching, we overnighted in Valencia en route to Malta for 3 weeks : what an adventure, the madre breaking her right kneecap and right wrist- read on!