Along the Silk Road 2016.

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Another episode- rather a long one! - in our adventure packed lives - from Beijing to Istanbul



enroutes bei1

Leaving Valencia on September 11th and enjoying a Business Class lounge in Istanbul- en route that is!

bei1 bei2 bei3 bei4 bei5
Made it to the Start- a really nice hotel, so nice we demanded loads & loads of pictures be taken. Very pleasant garden,
bei6 bei7 bei10 mike-lunch1 mike-lunch2
yummy, yummy breakfasts and met up with Mike for lunch. Yet to meet those other 12 in our Wild Frontiers Group though!


bei9s bei8s greatwall wall1 wall3-s
Next big adventure was getting up on to that Great Wall - actually in a cable car! One or two of the group might have caught a glimpse of us by now!
xian7-s xian2 xian3 xian4 xian-5s
Then an overnight train to Xian- we'd rather forget about that! Busy market, peaceful mosque & then Wow!- all those terracotta warriors
xian6 xian8 xian9 xian10 xian11
and they were real life size, dwarved us lads!. Then we learnt some Chinese Calligraphy - bit messy but made quite a good go of it!
xian26 xian21 xian1 xian18 xian12
We also visited the Wild Goose Pagoda. Then did the city walls before we came out at dinner - & the group peered at us, somewhat suspiciously!
xian19-s xian20
Yet another train- hey and there's Jude, tour leader, & others


xiahe1 xiahe2 xiahe3
Installed in Xiahe, met the Tibetan hotel owner, & acquired a new brother, young Kubla Khan, yak


xiahe21 xiahe20-s xiahe5
Toured the monastery in the pouring rain and saw some of the monks: envied them theiryellow hats


Then on from Xiahe and its monastery to the fantastic Buddha Caves at Bingling Si

bing1 bing2 bing8-s bing7
Took a speedboat across to the miraculous Bingling Si site on the Yellow River: hundreds of buddhas, from 420 AD onwards, carved in the rock. And fantastic mountain scenery all around
bing3 bing5 bing4 tren-s
Availed ourselves of this transport to get back to our bus: well at home with the group now! And were unfazed by another train


jiay3-s jiay4-s jiay1 jiay2 jiay6
delivering us to Jiayuguan, with dancing in the dolphin park . Inspected a clean Muslim restaurant before visiting the Wei Jin tombs. Then, at the nearby Wall,
jiay8-s jiay5-s jiay9 jiay11-s jiay7
whilst the super fit raced up to the tower, we explored locally. Were impressed by the Fort, met Emma's camel & Hey! what a super photo of the group


dun1 dun2-s dun4 dun5 dun3-s
Our own bed at Dunhuang, then to the world renowned Mogao Caves, with a mere 1000 buddhas, some 1400 years old. The guide rather liked us
dun6 tur2 tur1-s tur3 tur4
Onwards to Turpan & a visit to the Karez water system museum before exploring Jiaohe, an important Silk Road trading city before Genghis Khan flattened it
  tur7 tur5 tur8  
And we concluded our stay in Turpan by visiting the beautiful Emin Mosque and Minaret


kash2 kash1 kash5 kash3 kash4
We seem to have stayed under the duvet in Kashgar: well we had been here before & deliberately sent Kubla Khan off to snap the animal market . Missed out on the Tea House though.

On to Kyrgystan

kirg1-s kirg4 kirg3-s kirg5 kirg2 kirg6
A chilly picnic once over the border in Kyrgystan, then on to Sary Tash and a snug homestay. Good food and great scenery, and our leader taking solace in vodka

& then to Uzbekistan

osh2 osh1 osh5 osh4 osh3
A drive with great views down to Osh and ImanJon's guesthouse. A tad camera shy this day! Then over the border to Uzbekistan and some
kok1-s kok2 kok3 kho1-s kok4
Kendal Mint cake- thanks Maggie-before visiting the Silk Factory in Margelan. On to Khokand with a personal tour of the Khan's palace from its director


Palace in Khokand

On to Tashkent

tash1 tash2 tash3 tash4  
A 4*4 ride over the mountains to Tashkent, where a super comfy bedroom awaited us. Then out for lunch in a park
tash5 tash6 tash8 tash7  
Followed by visits to the Chorso covered market & the Khast Imam Complex


Opera House in Tashkent

On to Samarkand

sam2-s tren1-s tren2-s tren3 sam3 sam4-s
An early morning high speed train to Samarkand-first class! A couple of hours round the Shah-i-Zinda Necropolis and then coffee, followed just slightly later by lunch, at a yummy cafe
sam7 sam6 sam8 sam10 sam1 sam11-s


sam15 sam12-s sam13 sam14-s sam16
Then visited the Bibi Khanym mosque- lots of photos here! Then to the Malika Prime hotel - guess what, that's us outside it on the grass, room not photogenic!
sam9 sam17 sam19 sam20 sama5
Bit cloudy at the Registan, but great night photos. Bought some majolica and a large bowl - proud potter showing us off!


sama4-s sama7 sam21 sama1 sama3-s sama6
Fierce tigers too be seen at the Registan!. We made an extra stop at a mulberry paper making tourist trap- for Norma's benefit. And drinks in the patio with Jude , Kubla Khan & Marijke


buk1-s buk3 buk2 buk5 buk4-s
Glanced at an old caravanserai during the drive to Bukara; lunch on arrival. Said hello to 2012 friend Sabena & her silk carpets, & re-rode a donkey
buk6 buk7 buk8 buk9 buk10
Then the padre got felled by a bicycle, so had to be specially good and not demand photos all the time! He looked very sore but still managed lunch next day
  buk11 buk12 buk13  
But he had a gorgeous room in which to groan and listen to the merriment of the group just outside his window

Turkmenestan . . Merv & Ashgabat

merv-vista .

buk14 merv1 merv2-s merv4 merv5
Padre still sore but the journey, now to Mary & Merv, must go on. Barbara sang beautifully for us here in the Sultan Sanjah Mausoleum .
merv6 mary1 ahg1 ash2-s ash3

Needed a shut eye in the Mary Hotel. We were in the coveted yellow minibus en route to Ashgabat!, stopping at the Nadir-Shah Fortress & a cuddle with Fiona.

ash4 ash7 ash9-s ash8-s ash10
Nothing less than a junior suite in the Grand Turkman Hotel there. A bus with a vintage year! My what a tall Turkman and fantastic architecture, even an Owl



mas1 mas2 mas3
The ladies learnt how to don their hijabs, and then their chadors. Photos banned in the Shrine, so back to bed for just one night before flying to Tehran

Tehran & Kashan

teh1 teh2-s teh3-s teh4-s teh5 teh6-s
The group was given tea as they entered the beautiful Golestan Palace- wondrous tiles and mirrors. Then we all treated ourselves to proper coffee in the grounds. Found this friend on a walk.
kash1 kash2 kash6 kash4 kash5 kash3
The religious festival of Ashura in the most holy city of Kashan was considered too dangerous for us to participate in. Stayed in the safety of the Negin hotel, with its delightful courtyards




esf1-s esf10 esf3 esf4-s esf2
The Abbasi hotel had wondrous gardens, icecream and a nice table outside the restaurant! The town square is one of the largest city squares in the world
esf7-s esf8 esf6-s esf9 esf15
We found a sumptious coffee shop just off this square and climbed to the music hall in the Palace to see the old Khan's polo view.
esf5-s esf12 esf13-s esf14 esf11
Visited the Jammut Mosque & the Armenian Church & Museum, with its Memorial for the Armenian Genocide in 1915. Then lunch at Arc A- yummy drinks & good bread .

Tabriz, our last stop in Iran



tabriz-notes tab2 tab4 tab3 tab5 tab6
17 hours to fly to Tabriz- 90 mins in the air! But we enjoyed counting the 1m real notes! The Unesco listed Bazaar was incredible- we were lucky not to get lost! . Lunched in a Bath House & visited the cave houses at Kandovan. Got on well with this super driver

On into the north eastern corner of Turkey: Dogubeyzit & Kars

dog6 . . dog8

View of Mount Ararat from the hotel Erter & view of the 17th century Palacio Ishak Pasha from down below

dog1 dog2 dog3-s dog4-s dog5
Lunch in town of excellent kebabs before visiting the Palacio and a few photo opportunities there . Next day on to Kars, stopping at a
kars2 kars8 ani3
turkey farm almost on the Armenian border for turkish coffee. Visited the Armenian church/mosque & one of its famed cheese shops there. Then snow!!
ani2 ani4-s ani10 ani5-s ani9
My it was cold out at Ani, a ruined Mediaeval Armenian City, now in Turkey, 45 mins from Kars. Pam had bought a special hat!.The Silk road caravans used to cross at a bridge over the river down behind us. The Church of St Gregory contained wondrous frescoes- all deteriorating. Barbara sang to us in it.
ani6 ani14 ani6 ani11-s ani1
Also many other sites, including the Cathedral and a mosque. After 3 hours we needed those turkish coffees- thanks John. And then lunch also in the Ani Cafe

The BBC has a good travelogue on Ani

From Ani we proceeded to Erzurum

erz1 erz2 erz3 erz4 erz9
Our snug bed in the Hotel Kral. Then a tour of the town with its Citadel and tombs. Were feeling the cold until we found the
erz5 erz6 erz7 erz10 erz12
Arzen Cafe, a serendipitous find, pure paradise, and . . we were allowed back there next morning too, inviting a few friends along

& then onto Kemaliye

kem7 kem3 kem2
Following the mighty Euphratus - do you see the train's reflection?- stopping for photo opportunities, before
kem6-s kem1-s kem4 kem5 kem9
reaching Kemaliye, renowned for its Ottoman period Houses, & staying in the Bozkurt hotel

Next stop was Sivas, via Divrigi


div1 div2 div3-s div9-s siv5
Pam's birthday, celebrated early & late, guess the parents got a bit of that cake! The mosque & mental hospital, 13th century, in Divrigi were impressive
div5 siv1-s div4-s siv2 siv3
13th century Seljuk & Ottoman architecture in Sivas, with its mosques, madrasas & baths. Also an appetising market- bought some bits for Tapas back home


ama1 ama9-s ama3 ama2 ama4
Mountains of sugar beet & cabbages around - saw many double this size by the roadside. Changed rooms in the Lalehan hotel, visited an old mental hospital
ama5 ama6-s ama7-s ama8-s ama10
Met this one year old today wee chap. Helped Jude make a phone call to a seagull, rested whilst the brave climbed to the castle top, & later enjoyed a coffee


bog2-s bog5 bog3-s bog1-s bog4
Hotel was a trifle cold- that's our window between the trees. Nearby sites of Yazilikaya and Hattusa most impressive; Hittite rock carvings from 1600-1200 BC
bog9 bog6-s bog7 bog8 bog10
Hattusa was the capital of the Hittite Empire in the late bronze age. We walked for miles - hence the celebration!- and eventually could see our entry point

Ankara & on to the last city of our long trek, Istanbul

ank1-s ank3 ank2-s ank5-s ank4
A couple of hours at Ataturk's Mausoleum; kept our heads down a bit with all those guards & were not allowed to goose step!. Good sunset from hotel window
ist1 ist2 ist3 ist4 ist5
An exciting day: high speed train- 1st class!- past a toy shop before a ferry across the Bosphorus. Needed our siesta
ist16-s ist6 ist7-l ist8 ist-9s
Too wet for us to wander the bazaars & thus we missed caffeetopia- boo hoo. But had a good walk next day round the city, Hagia Sophia & lots of mosques
ist10 ist11 ist12 ist15 ist14
Perused all Marijke's purchases- other than those she'd had sent home by post! Then the final Supper in a superb fish restaurant: note the Silk Road Scarf! Bye to all our new friends & , oh dear, it's the airport again


Once home we had to introduce Kubla Khan to all the lads. And a couple of weeks after we got home we received two new mugs for our vodka!


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