Boyzz in Malta Christmas 2017

5 days after we arrived in our new, retirement (for the padres that is!), flat the madre went off for a new knee, so Somerville dutifully went with her. "I was a bit scared waiting for her to come back from the Operating Theatre, but after that I was OK, though I did miss Pembroke dreadful. But managed to persuade her she was fit enough to come home after 2 days: after all she was racing up the corridor on a zimmer frame just 4 hours after the Op. "

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Glad to leave St. James! Much better grub back at Hilltop, especially as the padre was in charge of it and was bent on fattening up the invalid


Naxxar had a Christmas fair and the padre bought us a wee Father Christmas

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Hannah wheeled the madre away most days. We could concentrate on Father Christmas - although in the end he never delivered the goods!- but Frank did bring a bottle of Prosecco.


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Daniel also worked on the madre, whilst we gobbled the cake & mince pies. Meanwhile the padre gradually got the flat looking smart


xmas11 vmas12
and we did enjoy the wheelchair ride home! We wonder if she needs the other knee done??

Whilst, of course, wanting the madre to get fully mobile again, we do quite like the padre controlling the kitchen


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