Boyzz in the Seychelles, January 2019


We disembarked from the Silver Discoverer in Victoria and took the ferry from there to Praslin and straight onto La Digue

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All aboard the inter island ferry!

dig1 dig3 dig4 dig5 dig6
Stayed in a beachfront room in Le Repaire with a large balcony: beautiful views out to sea & over the pools. The staff loved us &
dig2 dig7 dig8 dig9 dig10
we loved their breakfasts, both the food and the colourful fodies. Even got a free bottle of wine from manager Marco
dig7 dig11 dig13s dig14 digue1
Hiked out to the Plantation - yummy coconut batidos - & on to Anse d'Argent . Also enjoyed a golf cart tour of the island



After 5 nights in La Digue, we took a ferry again over to Praslin

pra0 .pra3

pra1 pra2 pra4 pra5 pra8
The padres were not impressed with the view from the honeymoon suite!- the inside was fine . Wondrous beach views and some fish!
pra3 pra6 pra7 pra9 pra10
Really enjoyed cocktails at the beachside Cafe des Artes, also a lunch there. Breakfasts back at the ranch were fine too
pra12 pra11 pra14 pra15 pra13
The beach magic was lost with night time eating , but we found some fellow hoteliers, from Sweden, to drink with


pra20 pra16 pra19 pra17 pra18
Caught a local bus to go to the Vallee de Mai- though not allowed to drive it!. My that biggest seed in the world was heavy! Needed an icecream on the way back

After 3 nights here, we took the ferry to Mahe


An idyllic villa up high in Port Glaud. The views were so intoxicating that somehow few photos were taken here!


mah1 mah2 mah8 mah2
Apart from lapping up the views on the huge covered balcony, we had 2 super meals nearby at The Place
mah4 mah5 mah6 mah7
The food- 8 tapas, seafood linguine & yummy dessert, and view were excellent & the waitress loved us


mah31 mah10 mah11 mah16 mah17
We drove round the south of the island & toured the Takamaka Rum Distillery, with an excellent guide
mah13 mah9 mah18 mah19 mah20
Then we had lunch in the Grande Maison , a separate restaurant on their property

. beach-mahe

Then back to Doha, Madrid & Valencia

And that was the end of another super holiday : when are we off again?

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