Boyzz in Asturias 2020

The Spanish State of Alarm for Covid19 was lifted on 22/6/2020: inter provincial travel was at last permitted and us Boyzz were on the road at crack of dawn on 23/6/2020. en route for Asturias. Nine hours later we were in La Peral, Somiedo, and, with a bit of help from Iban from the bar, were soon being welcomed by our Spanish hosts at El Culuebre, for our 10 day Spanish Immersion Course- actually, we gave the Spanish bit a miss, leaving that to the padres. We were happy to be immersed in great food and wondrous scenry!!

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On the far left of the wee hamlet, El Culuebre- our room on the left . . We shared the bed with Sinead, the sheep. Eating in the garden. . . Difficult to balance on the winter wood.


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Just for us, a wee tractor, but a large load, on the way to the Bar. Iban looked after us well. Views were magnificent;the weather kind around 6 each night


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We did not over exert ourslves going on all the walks, but did enjoy the picnics on those we attempted


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Scenery was magnificent and jimena's cookung was really scrumptious. We even got on well with their dog, Fa


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Not only did we help Jimena in the kitchen- well we locked the bowls! - but we advised Alfredo on his lessons & even learnt the odd phrase: Aupa!! They needed our barbecueing skills too


And we have rebooked for another glorious ten days next year!

Boyzz Life in 2020