Boyzz go to France 2020


After the 98 days of Lockdown due to the Covid19 crisis, we got to day 45 of the New Normal, 4/8/2020, when we set off for France . First stop was the walled city of Carcassonne

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We were upgraded to a suite, private terrace, in Hotel de la Cite. with Covid did not expect a buffet breakfast, though 'twas good! Michelin starred lunch even better
carc5 carc3 carc4 carc7 carc7
Need these meals to get our full quota of photos taken! But we were subjected to a long traipse down to the Canal du Midi before it


carc15 carc13 carc12 carc11 carc14
Hotel can be seen lower right. Also had to do some rope climbing during the long trek: we were remarkably good at it! Sitting on walls also one of our fortes!


cast5 cast4 cast7 cast6 cast8 cast9
Then on to the hotel of our dreams: Castigno, so aesthetically pleasing. We arrived in time for a Michelin starred lunch & the maitre d' treated us as honoured guests


cast1 cast2 cast10 cast3  
We had the same room as in 2019 , enjoyed the pools' area , even had a couple of walks, posed on their vespas, and had a late evening picnic supper


vic1 vic7 vic15 vic8 vic9
Then a 5 hour drive to Vic & Gaynor's. Kept us waiting a while at the front door!, But Vic's cooking soon made up for that!! & even Toby & Fina did not
vic2 vic11 vic14 vic13 xic10
disturb us this year. As usual the mater enjoyed her swims with Gaynor down at the lake & we reclaimed our tractor!


vic3 vic4 vic5 vic6
Enjoyed a day out at the nearby Lascaux caves, they'd had good artists there & the pancake chef was good too!


vic16 rioj1 rioj2
Stayed again in Brinas on the way home. Good view, good dinner & a sumptious breakfast- safely served at table


Then back in Moraira to hole up for the rest of August- the mater decrees it is too hot to venture forth in August! . .

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