Boyzz Life in 2021

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The year starts with lots of rich food , left over from the Christmas period and our own mini Three Kings specialty cake, roscon. The Covid19 virus is still raging so we are confined still to Valencia, eating- some good lunches out- in the hopefully virus free open air- and healthy walks. We just wait for Spain to roll out the vaccine to the aged padres, probably some time yet - but Auntie Hazel got her first Pfeizer jab in Richmond on January 5th


By the end of January Covid cases had risen- due to a nonsensical Christmas easing of lockdown rules - and all restaurants were shut again for about 6 weeks. So more walks!! and a drive up to Bernia on St. Valentines Day to admire the almond blossom

m09 m10 m11 m12 m13 m14 nick
Amante was our favourite haunt, But Vespas. Cafe 19, its adjacent restaurant and La Siesta in Javea with Nick were also in there with a chance


m22 m23 m26 m27 m28
and we made new friends at Le Dauphin in Portet. But they did close all restaurants for 6 weeks February/ March, so we just had to make do with extra buns

. .


eat2 eat1 eat3
It is really very civilised at Bert´s Dauphin


m29 m30 m32 m36 m39
Also discovered the Michelin Tula´s in Javea and got a takeaway from Bites & Bubbels in Moraira. A healthy walk when up in Bernia to admire the cherry blossom


m56 m54 m57 m55 m62

We celebrated the madre's cumpleanos and welcomed Ted for another vegetarian meal (not too keen on those!). Then we thought the madre´s new smart phone should take a photo or two , so why not one of all our friends? A meal with Auntie Brenda, and Bill, at the Food Bar


m65 m66      
A trip to the Chicken Shack,Ondura, with Carol & Paul


ma1 ma2 ma3 ma5 ma8
With the padres double vaccinated by May 8th, we were able to scramble aboard the first flight of 2021 out of Valencia to Malta ( luckily only the padres had to have the 110 euro PCR tests). A good BBQ at Hilltop


ma9 ma11 ma13 ma15 ma18
Encountered a pinguino in need of a good home, and installed him on the balcony . Then a trip to a posh restaurant in Valletta, with such wondrous views over the harbour


ma20 ma21 ma23 ma27 ma28
And a trip out to Qrendi where Chris and Anne had eventually completed the renovation of an old village house


ma33 ma34 ma35 ma38
Tried another restaurant, Ion, quite near Naxxar in a quaint village:excellent food but basic decor. Then Liz & Louie came to our flat, met some of the lads who live permanently there- not having passports, let alone vaccination certificates!


  mbr70 bbq1 bbq2 bbq3 bbq4

End of June we squeezed into a Morning Bridgers BBQ, Carol, Daniel, Nick and the madre, plus spouses. Some super Yorkshire pudds, exquisite crackling and a yummy Summer Pudding


August 1st and we had a very good lunch with Brenda, Bill & Edward Bear at Castell D´Ínes in Castell de Castells. 2 days later the Padres and Paddington had a brunch at the home of Nick and his Peruvian wife, Marcela( Paddington begged us to be allowed to go in case Marcela knew of his Aunt Lucy!)

cas1 cas2 cas3 nick-brunch
We were a tad envious of Edwood´s dungarees, & we got less of Auntie Brenda´s attention than when he stayed at home! . Paddington said it was a yummy spread, but no marmalade!

Late August saw us heading up to France again for our annual visit to Uncle Vic´s tractor



ir1 ir2   ir3 ir4
Our first stop was at Hotel Iriarte, near St.Sebastien. We had stayed here before. Enjoyed a drink on the terrace, followed by their Bistro Menu, which just went on and on ( no complaints!)
ir5 ir6 ir7 ir8 ir9
Then a sumptious breakfast before our morning constitutional, where we loved this line of sheep, seemingly emerging from under the road .


cordhotel cor1 cr3   cor2
Then across the border- they did not need proof of our vaccination! - to Chateau Cordwaillan in Pauillac, a Relais & Chateau luxury hotel: the pool was tucked away and not as aesthetic as the madre would have wished


cor4 cor5 cor6 cor7
Their Michelin restaurant was closed so we had to walk to their nearby cafe Lavinal- 7 minutes stroll put a bit of a strain on our short paws! Breakfast was yummy


laf5 laf1 laf2 laf3 laf4  
Reception organised 3 wine tastings for us : 1.Chateau Lafon Rochet. A group of 4 from a Napa Valley Winery shared the tour with us and we met the elderly owner at the tasting
ped1 ped2 ped4 ped3 ped5 ped6
2. Chateau Pedesclaux ,the outside of which had been vandalized in our opinion!! Certainly striking. . . 3. Chateau Prieuré-Lichine where we had a tour all to ourselves


gu1 gu2   gu4 gu3  
On to tractor land and Uncle Vic had got an extra new one, bright shiny red! . The madre enjoyed her usual swims down at the lake, and the padre did his usual laid back act in the ´jardin´


sam1 sam2 sam3 sam4 sam5 sam6
3 days later and we headed south again, staying for 2 nights in Samaniego: A super, duper brand new hotel, no expense spared, courtesy of Rothschild money. A couple of wine tastings too, but not so successful

Then lunch at the Dauphin with Bill and Brenda

bert1 bert2 bert3 bert4 bert5
The madre was sporting her new, french, little number . Edwood did not come so we were well spoilt by Auntie Brenda again! And, my, those Dauphin chocs are yummy!


We went to Malta again on September 23rd. We were intending to stay for about 4 weeks, but we had to come home after 12 days as the padres had forgotten to put the rubbish out and were afraid of how smelly the house might become!!



mal2 mal3 mal4 mal5
The Malta flat was sparkling: a thorough Management revamp had obliterated 4 years of defects! Left home alone when the padres went to Valletta, but enjoyed some buns at Hilltop & at the airport


Back home, the madre hosted a Morning Bridgers lunch:just Nick and Carol, plus spouses, as Daniel was supervising building works in Paris


Then off to Venice at the end of October

In November we met up with Manuelita in Valencia

And to Malta for our favourite time of the year: yes . . Christmas!

And , so to 2022 in the hope of resuming our Silversea cruising, and maybe even seeing Arnie again

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