Boyzz in Malta Christmas 2021


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We had a super day in Valletta, loads of photo opportunities, ending with a yummy tea in the Phoenicea hotel. But then the padre left the camera there, never to be retrieved! How sad!

Luckily the tea ceremony was recorded on the madre's mobile phone . And George, the Lascaux Rooms' WW2 ace pilot, joined the family this day, soon to be joined by Harbour's Rest Ted, complete with poem, who winged his way to C322 in time to share our Christmas lunch

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The padre enjoyed his duck and we enjoyed the Christmas pudd with lots of brandy butter . Even the odd cracker, albeit effectively empty!: but they made a nice bang!

We went to Terrone for lunch on New Year's Day

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We had a really good time at the Malta Sports club with Liz and Louis

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Phyllis and Mario came to lunch ( whilst maintenance were demolishing our kitchen to fix a fault! )

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The padres took Joanne and Jimmy out for a meal at the Golden Fork, to thank Joanne for all she had done in selling the roof space on our previous flat at Spinola Bay The service was a tad pretentious!

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And we had a snack on our enforced evening flight back to Madrid

A Very Happy Christmas!....

I come with love from Harbour’s Rest

    to join your growing clan.

    (I’m thinking that I could become 

       your very greatest fan!)

        I really like adventures

         and meeting other bears,

         and when it comes to travel, 

           no other ted compares!  

  I’ve been uniquely chosen 

   as a special gift from Jo,

    and now I’m here this Christmas 

       with a Lots~of~Love “Hello!”

 Thank you SO much for buying her

  a home so warm and snug.

     (She’s asked me to pass on to you,

             a really big bear~hug!)

I come with LOVE from Harbour’s Rest.

  I’ve wrapped up warm and well. 

  And when it comes to travel,

   there’s SO much I could tell!

    Jo placed me in a special box

     and searched out an address,

      then she booked a one way ticket

         by Teddy~Bear Express! 

I hope I’ve reached you safely

    and have not met with delay.

     (Jo told me I would get here

      to enjoy your Christmas Day!)

      With lots of love and blessings

        for the new year that’s ahead....

   ....I’m glad I’m in your family! 

         With love from

            Little Ted x x x 


   Harbour’s Rest Bear, Christmas 2021

Boyzz 2021