Boyzz in Venice 2021

Us lads set off northwards with the padres in Corisande on October 28th. First stop Barcelona


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Us lads set off northwards with the padres in Corisande on October 28th. First stop, Arts Hotel, Barcelona

bar1 bar2 bar5 bar3 bar4
Good views from the 26th floor. The madre could not swim due to a gashed leg but we enjoyed a lounge . And a good walk. And the breakfast!

After a good night´s kip, onwards north once again to hit France


cha26 cha1 cha2 cha4 cha7
at Chateau Saint Roux, conveniently near the motorway. The Bennetton wine owners liked old cars, vegetable gardens, flower gardens, farm animals and food. Plus wine of course. We had fun here

cha5. cha6 .cha3

Then on to Sirmione on Lake Garda- crossing frontiers fast!

sir1 gate sir2 sir3 sir4 sir5
We had to forge our way through solid crowds to enter this gate and reach our best placed room in the Hotel Eden. Breakfast was so yummy that we let the padres wander off on foot by themselves for the next day. We even seem to have missed dinner


Now onwards to our main destination, VENECIA


The padre managed to negotiate the twists and turns of the ginormous Trompetto carpark and get all 4 of us aboard a vaporetto, destination St. Marco. And then, at a mere stone´s throw, into the Hotel Monaco, right on the Grand Canal

ven1 ven2 ven3 ven4 ven5
326 was one of its rooms with a view: it did not take us long to mess it up!! Enjoyed our first dinner there- though a bit pricey: could have bought a lot of buns with those euros!! Went out exploring & enjoyed our Bellinis
ven6 ven7 ven8 ven9 ven10
Another pricey meal in Bistro de Venesia; after that we just had liquid Mojito suppers! A great tour with Eduardo of the Doges Palace & the Basilica: those bronze horses were quite scary!
ven11 ven12 ven13 ven14 ven15
ven16 ven17 ven18 ven25 ven19
Then a tour of 3 islands: glass making in Murano, sitting on Attila´´s throne in Torcello and admiring the colourful houses of Burano, coupled with trying to get some refreshment there!
ven20 ven21 ven22 ven23 ven24

After 4 nights pretending to be Venetians, we took a water taxi back to Trompetto and headed back south west in Corisande

rou4 rou5 rou2 rou1 rou3
Staying once again in the Courgette room in Chateau Saint Roux. A good view. More exploring of its wondrous grounds, even a pond with a myriad of ducks- Another good dinner-the head waiter remembered us - and a cold,but filling, breakfast

Ever sputhwards the next day, and back to the Arts hotel in Barcelaon: this time on the 28th floor. Certainly a Room with a View

ba1 view


Pembroke then decided to drive home, with Somerville´s help from the passenger seat

And we got the padres safely back to Moraira that Sunday afternoon

Life for the Boyzz in 2021