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And on from 2021

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We debut in Spain in 2022 with a sparkling, Champagne dinner at Amantes with Carol ( Paul being in the UK). Unfortunately el padre somehow managed to pull a hamstring

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Lunch with Bill & Brenda ( our number one admirer) at La Perla in Javea: their treat to us for the Russell family history website that la madre produced for Bill


bath knit ted
We had to be bathed to merit the new sweaters that the madre knitted for us- after we had tried a few stitches ourselves but got into a tangle. Cilla & Ted honoured us with their presence .


fus1 fus2
We enjoyed a couple of trips, with walks and, well, yes..some food, , down to Fustera . .


Then we were off to Malta again


tic1 tic2 tic3
Back in Spain in March a hearty spanish breakfast at Ticos with Carol


por1 por2 por3 por4 por5
Another sunshine lunch at the Dauphin, with its wondrous views, sculptyres and , oh yes, its food!


pad1 pad2 mar birth2 birth1
Breakfast with Paul at Ticos on St Patrick's Day: where were our green jerseys? Lunch at the Food Bar with Maria. Then Mothers' Day and the madre's birthday - some Easter Bunnies & goodies from Joanna

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An April lunch at La Ratatouille in Sanet y Negrals with Bill & Brenda. Then back to their new flat in Orba to a Bill baked carrot cake . Edwood was there too, showing off his wardrobe

Then it was 'stay away from Covid' time for a couple of weeks before our Countdown to our holday of a Lifetime reached down to Zero and we were off and away, via Gatwick, to Barbados and Sailaway to Svalbard for 60 days on April 25th

Back from the frozen north, 2 days later we were off to Asturias again, hoping to improve our 'espanol'! But it was not to be: the padres got Covid, so, after just one hike, we were quarantined in our room

Back in Moraira we had more than 2 months of 30-35 degree days, rising even to 41degrees once . But we did escape for 9 days in mid August when we went to France on our annual pilgrimage.

Celebrated the pater's birthday at the Dauphin

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Watched the Queen's funeral on Sep 19 th . Went to the Vallees Teams torneo and met oyr hero Carol for a nourishing lunch in the Food Bar

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On Monday, September 26th we set of to Lisbon for another, action packed, r cruise on the Silver Cloud, 6 weeks from Lisbon to Buenos Aires ( spread over 5 pages)

On our return Sally & Margaret came to stay but we were still too exhausted to appear before the camera with them!

And so a quiet few weeks, during which the madre endured a retina operation ( in the hope that the day would never come when she failed to recognise us!), until time to go to Malta on December 10th

Google informs us that we have travelled 1.2 times round the world in 2022, a distance of 48,692 kms!

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