Boyzz in Asturias 2022

June 26th.

2 days after reuniting with Facetious in Moraira, after our 2 months' absence, we were enroute, via the Hacienda Zorita, near Salamanca, to Alfredo & Jimena in La Peral. But the nadre started to feel poorly in the Hacienda, but nothing to do with Arrived in La Peral and we went for a short walk round the village to two lookouts with Alfredo before lunch.

The next morning the madre told Alfredo and Jimena that she had a cold but that she did not think it was Covid.. They seemed quite relaxed and everyone wore masks  for the morning class and for the  45 minute scenic car journey with Alfredo up to Saliencia.. It was a gorgeous sunny day and there were few tourists there. We did a circular route this time, taking 3 hours, but stopping , of course, for our usual merienda

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We ate outside, in the sun by the old mill race stream, the most heavenly pizza with burrata, jamon and truffle oil,. Breakfast good too. Merienda on our only hike, the Salencia lakes -before the madre got us


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quaratined for Covid. But we did get regular meals delivered and were well supplied with chocolate. Retreated back to Moraira via Zorita again, 7 days into the 10 day, supposed, course

Boyzz Life in 2022




Boyzz Life in 2022