Boyzz cruise in 2022 from Lisbon to Azores ( and, on separate pages, right through to Buenos Aires)

General Life aboard ship

And on September 27th we had once again packed our suitcase and were off to Lisbon . . . and a long journey ahead from there!; what a lot of nautical miles are lurking in these maps: will our sea paws stand us in good stead?

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Lisbon was a great start 'cos we could stock up on pasteis de nata, the padre being very keen on these . But we did get a bit of exercise between pitstops, like in the impressive Gulbenkian museum
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and along the seafront. A glass of port also went down well

Then it was aboard the Silver Cloud- not you scallywags again , said the crew - and a sail away towards the Azores

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We were glad to eat up in HotRocks again, where the pater did all the cooking. And Cabin 715 was really cosy , with Maria & Vinney catering to our every need . Luckily the pater had a penchant for afternoon team 'cos we aldo did!
18 06 mig1 mig2 picnic
Canapees with our cocktails were also yummy. We learnt that the Azores islands are an outpost of western Europe, some 1,100 miles from the mainland. St Miguel was our first stop there- a trifle misty here but they gave us a good picnic


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Then on to Sao Jorge where we learnt about their fajas
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Then Santa Cruz , Flores. Several stops at view points on our island tour; then a longer one on the far side of the island and a much needed late lunch of a toasted cheese sandwich.


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The waterfalls were impressive here, as was the inland lake . On Tercera we docked in Praia & drove to Angra do Heroismo for a 2 - 3 hour whale hunt. . Sitting up front on the deck we
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saw a marvellous display of dolphins. We also saw whales blowing, but none close up and personal!.Enjoyed a lunch in Angra

We then left the lush Azores and headed fpr Madeira . Docked here we drove to a scenic peninsula at the northern end of the island where a map was unrolled & an explanation of the island´s volcanoew was given.

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Our balance must have been as bad as the madre's this day - what a lot of effort to get us stable!! We then drove down to a marina, to a cross section of a volcano cone,, half of which had fallen into the sea
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Next day a fun 4 wheel drive jeep ride to the Laurissilva Forest and Quinta do Barbusano Vineyard
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We rather fancy ourselves above as the Expedition Bears!

Onto Madeira and the Canarires . .. .

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