Boyzz in France August 2022.


Route driven by the padre, northish, to Riberach, left to Maumusson, Armagnac, northish again to La Coquille. Home via Bordeaux to Sonsierra, Rioja, the Home, Sweet Home

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First stop in a converted wine cooperative, sufficiently luxurious for us lads. Weather was agin as on arrival, so the madre did not make the swim in the natural pool, and our picnic lunch there had to be aborted

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The quality of the food was OUTSTANDING, although we were not over impressed by the service . Our junior suite overlooked the parish church


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Always decent picnic spots in France, unlike most of Spain! The above photo was artistic license- there was no lake, just a water tub! A spacious room, a pool for the madre but really odd , and super expensive, food at dinner

. . .

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A day out sampling Armagnac and Floc . After Chateau Laubade we chanced upon the Cistercian Flaran Abbaye, which was easily worth its mere 5 euros entrance


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Our second tasting visit was to Entras, Ayguetinte, where we had a detailed tour in Spanish from its owner Michel. He showed us his vines and the ageing of his Armagnac, with many old tools on display/

In between the 2 tastings we had stopped in the very attractive town square of Valence sur Baise.

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Here we guzzled a 15 euro Menu du Jour of gazpacho, tajine of chicken and tiramisu.


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Then on to Auntie Gaynor's & Uncl Vic's. Yummy food as always. One of us had a momemtary scare as Fina plucked us from our wheelbarrow pose, but the padre jumped to the rescur
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After 3 nights of being loved here we headed south again to


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San Vicente de la Sonsierra. Rioja. Here we explored its old castle and later 'dined' amply in 2 Tapas bars. And, finally, the long drag back to Home, Sweet Home.


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