Boyzz in Malta Christmas 2022

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Clung closely to the padres as we traversed Barcelona airport en route to the long awaited Christmas: we had been so good and had written to Papa Noel. Enjoyed our lunch at Terrones


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alongside Fort St.Angelo , then on the guns before we peeped over the Christmas tren- can you see us? A long trek to the 6th Leaf for some pre Christmas nosh and a raid of M & S in Naxxar for more such mosh


We made the lounge welcoming for Papa Noel's arrival


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Then ventured into Valetta for the Panto, stopping off enroute for some mulled wine. We caught a fair few chocolates and jellytots that were thrown around for us youngsters - oh Yes we did!


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Louie roasted a chook for New Year Day lunch , Liz providing a yummy tiramasu. Another trip out to the Valetta wharf and a pizza at Browns . . and after all our goodness, Papa Noel never came. Maybe 2023? if we are even better?


Then said goodbye to our 3 friends down below before . .UP & AWAY

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