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A rare trip to Amante for its really expensive Louis Latour dinner, Carol joining us again (Paul being in England). The food was truly yummy , but there was too much vino

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a fussy, cold breakfast at Ticos . . . and a lunch with Bill & Brenda at a very Spanish restaurant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ted coming to dinner just before his 89th

Then off on the Silver Explorer from Punta Arenas to Tahiti

We fly the plane down from Santiago to Punta Arenas meet a pirate on Robinson Crusoe Island The locals were much bigger than us on Easter Island And the nice Mr Christian gave us a lift on Pitcairn Island

Silver Explorer from Punta Arenas to Tahiti has our full story of this journey

Then only a brief stop in Spain

Back home, the madre gives us a wash and brush up Auntie Joanna came to stay Breakfast with Uncle Nick - he does not like small bears

And then it is time to pack a few spare buns and head for Saudi Arabia to join the Silver Cloud

(editor's note - at this point Somerville stopped editing our web site and Pembroke took over)

Saudi Arabia to join the Silver Cloud has the full story of our life from Jeddah to Dublin

Back home. we have only a few weeks before going off on our Spanish Course and a foray into France to see Uncle Victor's tractor, This link has the full story of our adventures there

Drinks in La Peral We consider buying a chateau on the Loire And this is what we call a proper railway station - Canfranc

There is no stopping us, we are on a roll and are off to Ireland next which has the full take of our adventures in the Old Country. You have to go there to see the Leprechauns


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