Boyzz journey from Punta Arenas to Tahiti on the Silver Explorer 2023

March 3rd - April 12th


Bade a fond Farewll to Punta Arenas pinguino in Moraira


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A quick hop Alicante to Barcelona & we were ready to board an Iberia/Level3 plane to Santiago de Chile - pleasant stewardesses!. Overnight in a hotel before a really good flight- Aviasur- down to Punta Arenas
phone captains qw ship
The hostess took us up to pay our respects to the Captain and he allowed us to drive his plane- only, of course, after first ascertaining that we had yet to try the pisco sours!. Good grub! Then to the Silversea Explorer

We soon settled into Suite 424 - actually just a cabin, but we like to impress!

01 02 06
We were soon u to Hot Rocks but somwhat chilly!, but befriended immediately by head sommelier, Biljana. Back to the lounge for a warming coffee
14 15
next day we sailed past glaciers,
18 19 20
met up with old friend!, expedition leader Lea ; felt safe in Captain Freddie's hands and made new friends, Christine & Ian
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Then a day ashore in Ushuaiai with a train ride to the, one time, prison. We enjoyed driving this puffing billy,
02 gaol 40
then visiting the old prisoner cells ( glad that we had always been on our best behaviour)
51 52 54 55
and then had an unexpected, slam up feast there . Then finally a stroll around town, which we had last visited in 201
70 72 71
Naxt day we got to the Pia East Glacier and Pembroke resisted the temptation of putting snow down Somerville's sweater- difficult!
73 78
We always loved 7 pm each night: the canapees were one item of food that was always excellent! And the cocktails weren't bad either. Pity the padre often succumbed to 2 of them !
kirke 03 09 12 10
Through the Kirke Narrows for a stop off Puerto Natales enabled our 3rd visit to Torres del Paine, its mountains as imoressive as ever and.... lots of snow! Also some scary winds
33 35 36
Back aboard the desserts of Pia's German lunches were always a treat We honed up our navegation skills- on a map showing Moraira!.Not sure who was navegating during dinner with Captain Freddie
65 tortel 59 david1 david 74
Tortel was a town of raised footpaths, charming even in the rain . Too cold for us to emerge from our bags on those zodiacs: no red anoraks for us!! . . . . . . Roger knew nothing about Chilean wine!



93 04 13 14 16 25
An outing on Chiloe out to see the Magellanic penguins on the Isla de los Conejos: but too late in the season and had to be happy with some delicious mussels and lots of pelicans ! Then revisited our past in Castro
Back aboard a calorirific high tea!
34 35 36
Next trip was on a soggy day, up the river from Niebla to Valparaiso, making new friends- but they were disembarking the next day!
48 49 niebla
then back by road and a miserable, rain drenched tour of the fort . . . . . .Above is a photo of it on a sunny day!


53 54
on the last seaday Captain Freddie told the padres that he could have done with us when the Agulhas found the wreck of the Endurance!



wine1 63 67 68 75
Valparaiso was the end of the 1st leg of our cruise; here we had an iffy tour of 2 vineyards . We did not like being addressed every 10 words as GUYS at the 1st and they palmed us off with cheap fizz at the 2nd

Then we sailed away on a 2nd leg from Valparaiso to Tahiti

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