The Boyzz go to Asturias and France


Back home. we have only a few weeks before going off on our Spanish Course and a foray into France to see Uncle Victor's tractor

An overnight near Salamanca

We stayed in a real castle on the way - Buen Amor Had a drink on the ramparts dined in the restaurant ..and had a stroll round the grounds after dark

Then we settle in at La Peral

This is too much like hard work, so we just cut the classes and .. ..went to the local bar ,, ..where we opened an account - saves carrying cash. The padres occasionally joined us there
Alfredo got the message, and introduced a cooking class. It was . ..for tortilla. Perhaps we could get him to do cakes next time We did see a real bear near the bar. Could be related to us. This hare could really move
We avoided too many walks .. they could be quite tiring ..but we found some refreshments ..and this little fellow


Leaving Asturias, via Basque Country ... ..where we enjoyed an overnight stop The indignity of being hauled around in a handbag Where is our dinner then Pembroke?


And we got to Amboise on the Loire for a few days

Quite a posh hotel Lovely old room Dinner out on the first night The odd cafe stop
We visit Amboise's Royal Chateau Posh place this Apparently this is Leonardo da Vinci. Who's he Somerville? These are some of his designs
The French like patisserie as much as we do Tren, we can always rely on finding one Look out balloons overhead Breakfasts were not bad either


Then off to see Uncle Victor

Important - the tractor is around the other side of the house Uncle Victor cooks a mean dinner Auntie Gaynor supervises and the padre drinks

We get back to Moraira with an overnight stop at Canfranc Station

Posh railway station , recently restored they are still waiting for the trens to arrive Our room on the top floor And a nice meal to finis this trip


Boyzz in 2023