Life of Pembroke and Somerville 1996-2003.

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A big change in their lives occurred in 1996, when they left their childhood home of Chadlington and moved all the way down to Corisande Manor, Newquay, Cornwall.

Between leaving Chadlington and moving into Corisande they had several weeks en familia in France, then Somerville had a week in Caens on an OU French Summer School, then all together again in Iraland for a couple of weeks

At least they took the move to the south-west stoically and did not try to return to Oxfordshire like Treacle the cat did - she went missing for 3 weeks !

treacle .corisande .annexe .corisande-house

Treacle 1988 - 2007 . . . . Corisande and bungalow ~1996 . . . .Corisande and Annexe ~1996 . . .New house now ready for them

They enjoyed their 10 years there, though did think it was a bit undignified around 2000 when their bungalow was demolished and a new house was slowly built for them- during this period of about 2 years, they changed bedrooms in the hotel or Annexe many times, often not knowing until around 6pm where they were going to end up: mind you, winter was better when they could stay in Swift for up to 6 months, excluding Christmas & New Year of course. . This meant that they passed the daytime bundled up in the padres' duvet in the Gannel room!!- what a blow to their self-images!!!. But once the new house was completed then they lived like Kings.

bed bed2 bed3 kit sleepy

Their bedroom with Jeremy . Another shot of it- taken by them! And yet another shot with a few friends on the shelves. Kitchen with Obsequious. Sleepy on Stephen's bed

They thought the madre a bit odd too, immersing herself in the freezing waters of the Gannel from late May to late November on a daily basis.

They enjoyed one or two trips away from the grind of the hotel each year : Jan 1998 they visited Koh Samui: November 1998 Penang; Western Australia Jan 2001; Cook Islands Nov 2001; Ko Lanta Dec 2002; ventured up the Amazon to Manaus in Jan 2003; New Zealand Nov 2003 .

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